About Us


About ACCENT ART & Frame


Accent Art & Frame inspires passion through creative art solutions. From contemporary and traditional to historic, regional or thematic styles, we develop the right solutions, from custom art to the presentation solutions crafted to accentuate each design.


What We Do

An integrated art consulting company, Accent Art & Frame develops unique, site specific art solutions for hospitality, healthcare, government and corporate clients. By collaborating with clients, we create the perfect art solution for each project. Leveraging our wide network of artists, craftsmen and graphic designers, we deliver creative solutions for every budget.

Working in mediums from photography to paintings to graphical works, we transform creative visions into the special artwork that completes the design.

Production capabilities include multiple substrates - paper, vinyl, textiles, acrylic, canvas, metal, etc. In addition to custom artwork creation, Accent Art & Frame can create a custom presentation for the art, including custom making and/or color matching frames. Local production capabilities allow 2-4 week turn around.


Who We Are

A passion for art is what drives us. As much as a painting, photograph or print, art is a captivating, it is an inspiring solution that completes the vision and creativity. We are professionals with a strong work ethic and embrace challenging, creative design projects. Collaborating with clients on new and innovative art and design makes us the unique Artwork Resource. See why our clients return time and again to Accent Art & Frame.


Green Initiative

Accent Art & Frame is committed to minimizing the impact of our business on the environment. Together we have much to learn about minimizing our environmental footprint. At Accent Art & Frame we are committed to making the world a better place. We continue to improve our materials, shipping methods, and recycling efforts to ensure that we minimize our impact. The most important initiative is to provide our customers with art of enduring quality which they will enjoy for decades to come: to make something for the short term truly is a waste of resources.


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