The Rise of Art Tourism and Hospitality Art

Considered one of the biggest trend in hospitality and tourism today is Art. The thought of it can be quite fascinating, how can something present since the earliest centuries be a changing game in hospitality and tourism today?

As a matter of fact, the new trend is being done—in hotels and restaurants, even in airports and public transportation stations. Indeed, art is used as a tool to invite more people and draw more people into places.

The rise of Art Tourism and Hospitality Art

Today, hotels are more than just buildings with rooms and beds, it slowly evolves in to a space for arts to be filled with paintings, sculptures and other artworks as décor. Hoteliers are thinking even farther outside the frame, installing art in the most unexpected of ways and challenging guests to think more deeply about their experience. Art has become a fundamental, rather than ornamental, element of hotel design.

“The art is a part of the identity of the hotel,” said Jason Pomeranc, a co-owner of the Thompson LES, “and it integrates into the architecture, design, concept and what we ethereally call the vibe, the intellectual soul of the hotel.”

Art as an experience

Art becomes part of the package and experience a hotel offers, and to be fair, it does makes sense. Since staying in a hotel may start to feel like spending the night in an art museum, travelers with a tight schedule who can’t squeeze in a day to visit local art galleries can witness the art local to that specific hotel. This way, local artists can also showcase their works in a way that their masterpieces ‘visit’ the tourists.

The Hotel des Artes, located in San Francisco, California allows emerging artists to take full creative control by creating contemporary pieces in each guest room, such as painting murals on the bedroom walls. This allows experience for the artist, an affordable redesign for hoteliers and a new experience for guests. The Hotel des Artes website states that “the result is not simply art as decoration, but art as an interactive experience.”

Opened in 1995 as an authentic Berlin artists’ project, the Arte Luise hotelbelieves that spending a night with art doesn’t have to be expensive. Situated in Berlin Germany seems like a promising location with tourists from around the world traveling to see art and history.

“The customer whose imagination is involved in his visit to the property becomes all the more dedicated as a repeat consumer,” Glenn Schaeffer, the co-founder, president and chief executive of Fontainebleau Resorts, told the New York Times. “You feel part of an experience without maybe knowing exactly why.”

Art as a marketing strategy

Art decor is not just being displayed in your hotel room for ornamental purposes, but rather as a hoteliers’ marketing strategy. According to The New York Times, installing art in the most unexpected of ways challenges guests to think more deeply about their experience at a hotel.

Art as identity 

The rise of artist hotels and boutique hotels are more fast-paced today than ever. Some hotels are letting the paintings on their walls speak for themselves and be their identifying difference among others.

Hotels like the Chambers in Minneapolis, the Wynn Las Vegas, the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando and the Sagamore in Miami Beach have all displayed extensive collections of art. And the Gramercy Park Hotel has an art collection which debuted in 2006, has so much high-caliber artwork that the Museum of Modern Art once took a tour group there.

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