Superstitions about Mirrors at Home

Regardless if you are a superstitious person, chances are you have heard of a few superstitions involving mirrors at home. For example, that breaking a mirror will bring seven years of bad luck. This superstition even dates back to the Romans, who believed that life renewed itself every seven years and that breaking a mirror would thus cause damage to the soul it was reflecting at the time for that duration.

Moreover, many cultures believed that mirrors or reflections in the water would show us our souls. This made mirrors dangerous in the magical realm where dark spells could be performed on mirrors that held the image of the intended victim.

Here are some of the interesting ones you have to know:

Mirrors as Lucky Charm for Newlyweds

Some guests gift newlyweds mirrors because they are believed to bring in good fortune for the new husband and wife. According to superstition, newlyweds should stand together in front of a mirror shortly after getting married. By doing this, they unite their souls in the spirit world.

Why should you cover mirrors?

Some cultures believe that when someone passes away, all the mirrors at home should be covered with a blanket. This is because the deceased person’s soul can get trapped inside the mirror world and haunt the family. In some superstitions, the deceased will try and grab the souls of the living who look in the possessed mirrors.

Sleeping in front of mirrors

Many people strongly recommend not positioning your bed in front of a mirror. They say that spirits from the other realm may be able to suck out your soul through the mirror while you are asleep and unprotected.

Scared for good luck

They say that if you are suddenly scared or shocked by your own reflection in the mirror, you can expect a good amount of luck to come your way.

Dear future husband

To see your future spouse, many believed that summoning him on Halloween night is a valid practice. A young woman is supposed to seat herself in front of a mirror with a lit candle, an apple,and a knife. She must cut the apple into nine slices and eat eight of the slices, one at a time, with the knife. She must then pierce the ninth slice and throw it at the mirror. Her husband-to-be will appear inside the mirror to catch the final slice.

Shoo away evil spirits

In China, brass mirrors would hang above their idols. This way, any evil spirits who would enter their place of worship would see their reflection and be scared off. This is also the reason why many people will hang a mirror opposite their front door – to protect the home by reflecting back any evil or negative energies.

Don’t let these superstitions scare you away from using mirrors as decorations in your home or business. Aside from being an interesting addition to a blank space in a room, mirrors also have many benefits for the room and its occupants as well. Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms — they’re like decorative windows you can move around and place as you like.” Celia Berliner, a designer, says.  Mirrors have several benefits and can “reflect and emphasize views and colors from art and/or adjacent walls creating special effects.””The mirror itself becomes the artwork in this minimal setup,” Berliner adds.

Mirrors can be wonderful additions to any home, offering a list of benefits. And because mirrors can come in a variety of shapes and styles, you can enjoy the functionality that they provide and still express your individual style and taste.