Qualities of Great Art Consultants you Need for your Business

Art consultants represent clients who want or needs to acquire some forms of art—including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, etc. who do not have any idea where to start or what to do in the first place.

They work with clients from numerous industries including healthcare, education and enterprise-level corporations to the source, procure and place artwork solutions that uplift physical spaces, especially today that art integrated into these sectors is a booming marketing strategy on its own.

They also help in the process of branding, marketing and relationship building among other clients in the area of arts. They are hired to assess the clients’ needs and tastes, including their likes and dislikes; staying abreast of trends, including which artists are hot and which pieces are for sale. They also work with auction houses and galleries to source art; advice on purchases, based on criteria such as theme, budget, and value; commision original artwork for clients; appraise collections, and frame then installing new purchases.

Experienced and Trained

Of course, they should have an intimate knowledge of art and the art market. Though the art consultant need not be an expert on all fields and area of art, he or she must have a few extents that he or she feels an expert about; maybe an artist, or an era.

An art advisor is familiar with how to steward a collection through time. Art consultants should have ample knowledge for them to tell you about the past, present, and future of the industry.  A consultant has theoretical and at the same time, practical knowledge. So it is crucial that he or she has a vast credential and experience as well so that you know that he/she knows how to apply the knowledge as well.

Wide Network

This is why the experience of the art consultant is essential. This would translate to the people he or she has previously worked with in the past. He or she must have established a wide network of contacts and sources that are ready to be tapped as sources in research and art acquisition itself.


Art and the business could be a handful sometimes, especially for those who are just starting. A functional art consultant will be willing to walk you through the basics and will help you understand concepts and all. They should not make you out of place. He or she should also be happy and proud to share her knowledge of both art and the art world with you. They will introduce you to their sources and accompany you as you visit art galleries and artist studios.

Presents many options

Using their knowledge of art and a clear understanding of your preferences and personality, they should be able to come up with suggestions and choices that will satisfy and suit your needs and wants at the same time.

Transparent and Honest

They should be able to keep you updated on how things and transactions are progressing, all throughout your partnership. At the same time, he or she should be transparent about financial matters.

Confident with his or her skills

There’s nothing worse than consultants who are not sure of themselves and their decisions. As no person is perfect, an art consultant is expected to commit mistakes along the way, and it is completely understandable. They should be able to deal with these failures and errors professionally, while still keeping you updated as transparent as possible.

Good communicator

This quality should be applied not only to clients to make a sale, but as well as to you. They should be able to relay crucial and complex information, simplify a problem and solution. The challenge is to explain ideas simply, and they should do so creatively. Since it is still business at the end of the day, great art consultants should be able to make effective sales talk as well and market your collection, or the other way around.

When you consider a consultant to be your guide, it is all about trust that they are guiding you in the best direction possible. To uncover the real issues, you have to be able to develop a healthy relationship with your clients. Passion for their cause helps, but for integrity, you also need to be a critical friend.