Mirror TVs: The Future of Hotel In-Room Entertainment

Mirror TV as its name suggests can be a mirror or a TV, which is the original idea. When not in use, a mirror’s TV’s HD screen displays a high-sheen reflective finish that looks just like a standard mirror and functions like one too. It is a two-way polarized mirror which has an embedded LCD TV mounted at the back. The polarized mirror allows viewing of the TV when it is switched on, while otherwise, it serves as a perfect mirror.

Enjoy the same high definition performance and sound quality that current top-end models are offering, but when no one is using it, it can be a useful and stylish mirror for your room instead of being an eyesore.

More and more hotels have been using Mirror TVs to catch the attention of guests, by making them experience the magic of mirrors transforming into functioning TVs. Hotels are installing mirror TVs in their main rooms and bathrooms as a way to make their guests feel like royalty. Indeed, it is a unique way of combining technology and style and is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

Mirror TVs were originally designed for the living room, where they can take the place of a mirror or wall hanging and save space in the room. However, because of its design’s flexibility, they have been handy in almost every part of a consumer’s house. It can be displayed and used in:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Entertainment rooms, etc.

Many people do not like the appearance of TVs in their rooms. Mirror TVs enable consumers to have the option of having electronic devices—specifically TVs, without having to worry if it blends with the room or not. By investing in Mirror TVs, hoteliers can avoid the eyesore brought by traditional TV screens on hotel rooms.

At the same time, having mirrors installed on walls give the illusion of a much bigger room. It being a TV at the same time is just an added perk. Mirrors expand the space—at least lets your mind think it does. This is because mirrors reflect light and once it bounces, it gives the illusion of a much bigger space, without actually moving the walls further.

More importantly, Mirror TVs are slimmer and Lighter compared to LCD and Plasma TVs, which lets guests use the space more efficiently.

Before investing in Mirror TVs for your hotel business, make sure that you consider the quality of those you will buy. Survey all the models of mirror TVs before you finally decide on buying one. It is best to go in for a trusted or favorite brand when you choose to purchase a mirror TV.

When it comes to size, Mirror TV options are varied. Go in for one that makes optimum use of the space you want to use it for. The size of your TV should be proportional to the size of the room you wish to use it in. Remember, it is a mirror as well as a TV and hence, choose the size wisely.

The color of the mirror TV can be adapted to suit the decor of your room. Go in for the classic black for the kitchen cabinet. Silver mirror TV will add to the beauty of your bathroom. Go in for the pearl white mirror TV for the master bedroom.

Mirror TVs range anywhere from US$ 2000 to US$ 10000, depending on the size of the mirror you choose. Waterproof mirror TVs may be a tad too expensive as compared to the regular ones. Additional features will undoubtedly increase the cost of the TV.