Your office needs more artworks this 2018! (Infographic)

Can artwork have a direct impact on employee productivity, better company image and spatial benefits? More and more studies prove that the answer is yes.

Some people may see paintings that hang on the wall, or sculpture on blank corners are just space-fillers, something that interior decorator puts there only for the sake of it. True enough, the impact of art in the workplace is often underestimated. Many would think that it is all about just the aesthetics of the office, but, what they fail to see is the impacts of art more than what it meets the eye.

According to research, art has the power to boost creativity and reduce stress among office workers who are trapped inside the office for 8-9 hours per day. The relaxing, contemplative aspects of art can help lower the stress levels of what we all recognize can be a high-stress setting, which in return, can boost their drive to work faster and better.

Your office needs more artworks this 2018!

When it comes to art as a tool for stress relief, 47% of men and 80% of the women noted that art at the office could reduce their stress-levels and 92% of the women believe that workplace art affects their general working health and wellbeing, while 71% of the men think so.

For everyone, being surrounded by art can cause good vibes, inspiration, motivation, and passion. Imagine how workers would react if their workplace is not as dull, uninspiring, bland office with white walls and clutter everywhere? Of course, the environment and setting take its toll on their performance.

Artworks on the walls also ‘distract’ the workers, in a positive way. It serves as something that keeps their eyes off the computer monitor and screen, which can have adverse effects on their eye health and well being.

The corporate world will boom better if incorporated into art. Today, business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than making the office more aesthetically pleasing or impress visitors and potential clients. In fact, it can do more benefit for the company than imagined. Being surrounded by artworks and creative vibes increases an employee’s efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

Art inspires and unlocks creative potential.

The brain is programmed to feel inspired whenever they see inspiring pictures or paintings. This is why motivational quotes often come with images of magnificent sunsets, towering trees, and mountains, or feats of athleticism.

The inspiration that one feels upon looking at art unlocks creative potential, helping to produce and generate innovative ideas. Innovative ideas, in turn, lead to new business practices and promotional campaigns, which ultimately create economic growth.

At the same time, art helps connect with clients. Since art is considered a universal language which connects people with feelings and different interpretations, it can be a common ground for you and your clients.

Art encompasses life in all its aspects. Not only in aesthetics but in a way, the quality of life and the kind of world we live in is affected, influenced by arts. Arts serves the purpose of beauty, as well as complexity in its entirety. We see how art gives room for science and technology to improve. How travelers travel the world in search of arts, how art helps hospital patients to recover and how workers enhance their quality of work when surrounded by art.

Incorporating art into your business helps “shape the company’s unique style, spirit, and character, and convey that character to employees, partners, clients, and prospective clients.” This move does not only mean its better for your employees, but for your clients and customers as well.

Art is one of the many concrete ways of manifesting the company’s values. Because art is relevant in the branding of a company’s image, it is also considered one of the most concrete ways of establishing a connection, as well as leaving a lasting impression both on the employees who see it day after day, and on clients who visit either once or frequently. An office’s design—from the layout, colors, lighting and decorative pieces only goes so far in identifying how a company wants to be perceived by its employees and clients.

It shows a management, or leaders who care enough about the employee experience, as well as their clients and customers’ experiences to maintain a space that will make people feel good and expressive in the place they spend most of their days.

It is simple: art is cool right now. There’s a brand new focus on creating fun, exciting work environments to entice the best and brightest employees. All those classic, serious and bare office walls are out, those creative and innovative workspaces are in.

As the new year comes by quickly, maybe it is the time that your company focuses on the internal aspects of your company that will eventually radiate to your business’ image and reputation. It is time to make the changes that will count.

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