Is Art on Tile the Next Big Thing in Design?

Over the years, art has been continuously evolving and developing through its various artforms, subjects, theories, and approaches. Today, as more and more industries and facets of the society have been recognizing its importance—not just for business, but also for health, motivation, productivity, and branding, many more innovations have sprung from it.

One of these newer manifestations of art is Tile Art. Tile art is a small arrangement of tiles, or in some cases a single tile, with a painted pattern or image on top.tile art can include larger pieces of tiles that are pre-decorated. The tile art form has evolved from a dedicated artistic craft to a more complimentary one.

Today, tile art is used to cover roofs, floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces such as the top of a table and other blank wall inside the house. This is considered an innovative type of art because it does not only serve as a decorative piece, but also a functional feature, interior wise.There are also many benefits of using it, as well as different strengths. They are resistant to moisture and discoloration, preventing damage which may become hard or impossible to remove. Most of all, tile art helps add character to the interior of a space.

Many of the most common modern tile art designs are based on abstract and pattern-based designs which can be non-representational or unconventional. It can also be like mosaics, portraits, or other subjects common in paintings and other art forms.

Modern tile art serves many purposes and benefits you can get if you choose to have tile art in your home or property:

Design a Truly Unique Space

While it has been around for ages, modern tile art is still not that popular in homes and in commercial spaces. If you decide to have tile art in your property, it will surely be an eye catcher which makes a space truly unique and special. It can serve as an accent wall, a focal point in blank walls, etc.

If you prefer a personalized space, tile art will help you achieve this style goal. Combine various colors and images to create a space that shows off your personality.

Add Pops of Color to Your Home

Neutral colors are great for making any space feel larger, but they can also leave you feeling bored with your home décor. Artwork and accessories aren’t the only ways to add color to your home; mosaic tiles can also work! Look for tiles featuring your favorite colors to add vibrancy to your home décor.

Incorporate Art into Your Décor

Tile usually features some sort of solid color or pattern that works for floors and walls. Tile art features images that can be transformed into murals, accent walls, and focal points in your living area, guest rooms, and even in dining halls. You can use mosaic tiles to add artwork to your home décor without having to hang anything on your walls.

More than making you feel happy, relaxed, thinking, or calm, differently themed artworks can do wonders on your mental health and overall disposition and well-being. If you think art is used in spaces as just fillers and decorations, you might be surprised that it’s a lot more than that. In fact, many studies have proven the correlation of the impacts of artworks and their effects on productivity, relaxation, de-stressing, and even healing from health issues.

Art encompasses life in all its aspects. Not only in aesthetics but in a way, the quality of life and the kind of world we live in is affected, influenced by arts. Arts serves the purpose of beauty, as well as complexity in its entirety.