Renovation Projects that will help your hotel stand out and increase revenue (Infographic)

Travelling is in and there are millions of tourists who spend their fortune staying in the best accommodation that can offer them comfort and luxury. While it is a growing industry, it is also a very competitive one. Because there are many hotels to choose from, how can your hotel stand out from the rest?

Making your hospitality business be one of a kind is not really an easy and simple thing to do. If you really want to make your hotels stand out you need to invest in a few cost-efficient renovations because let’s face it, your reputation depends on following trends and doing better than your competition.

Here are the best parts of your hotel to focus on if you want your hotel to stand out and increase your revenue:

Renovation Projects that will help your hotel stand out and increase revenue

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Art as A Marketing Strategy for Hotels – Infographic

People always talk. Despite this day’s advancement in technology, one of the best and effective marketing strategies is the word of mouth. Hence, hotels with interesting art displays, thought-provoking pieces, and controversial works will always be talked about. Intrigue and curiosity is one method of driving people to your property’s doorstep. At the same time, magnificent, jaw-dropping collections are also the talk of the town.

Today, hotels are more than just buildings with rooms and beds, it slowly evolves into space for arts to be filled with paintings, sculptures and other artworks as décor. Hoteliers are thinking even farther outside the frame, installing art in the most unexpected of ways and challenging guests to think more deeply about their experience. Art has become a fundamental, rather than ornamental, element of hotel design.