Are hospitality TV mirrors the new thing?

For a long time now, hotels from all over the globe have been utilizing art to attract more guests and separate their brand and identity to others. In fact, it has been proven one of the most effective marketing strategies there is in the hospitality industry today. Hotels with exciting art displays, thought-provoking pieces, and controversial works will always be talked about. Intrigue and curiosity is one method of driving people to your property’s doorstep. At the same time, magnificent, jaw-dropping collections are also the talk of the town.

However, it is not only paintings, sculptures, and new galleries are the primary focus of art when it comes to the hotel industry, some have been adapting the strategy of letting sleek, classic, and functional mirrors take the spotlight.

More and more hotels have been using Mirror TVs to catch the attention of guests, by making them experience the magic of mirrors transforming into functioning TVs. Mirror TV as its name suggests can be a mirror or a TV, which is the original idea. When not in use, a mirror’s TV’s HD screen displays a high-sheen reflective finish that looks just like a standard mirror and functions like one too. It is a two-way polarized mirror which has an embedded LCD TV mounted at the back. The polarized mirror allows viewing of the TV when it is switched on, while otherwise, it serves as a perfect mirror. Just like real magic, a handheld remote turns the television on and off and with a simple press of a button the TV appears and disappears. When the TV is off, only the mirror’s clear reflection remains, and the TV is entirely undetectable. Hotels are installing mirror TVs on guests’ main rooms and bathrooms, to make them feel like royalty, having access to Cable TV, DVD, VCR, and PCs through any part of the room. Indeed, it is a unique way of combining technology and style and is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

Mirror TVs enable hoteliers to have the option of having electronic devices—specifically TVs, without having to worry if it blends with the room or not. At the same time, having mirrors installed on walls give the illusion of a much bigger room. It being a TV at the same time is just an added perk. Mirror TVs are slimmer and Lighter compared to LCD and Plasma TVs.

Framed LED Mirror TVs is a unique way to turn your standard TV into an actual focal point and art piece at any hotel room. By customizing the frame depending on your hotel’s theme and motif, it can quickly turn a dull living room or entertainment room into an exciting and amusing one. At the same time, it will complement the room’s design.

Indeed, installing Mirror TVs in hotels is one way of setting your hotel or resort property apart from the others. Installing it is easy and hassle-free. Just mount your new mirror TV on the wall just like any flat screen TV to any wall in your chosen room. There is also a wide variety of TV sizes, ranging from 32” to a massive 75” for that cinematic feel, which your guests will surely love.

Mirror TVs range anywhere between $2000 to $10000, depending on the size of the mirror you choose. Waterproof mirror TVs may be a tad too expensive as compared to the regular ones. Additional features will undoubtedly increase the cost of the TV. The frame you should choose should follow the motif of your hotel. Go for simple ones if you have a modern style or an intricately designed frame for those who want a more detailed piece for their walls.