Design Must-Haves for Your Hotel Lobby (Infographic)

First impressions are everything. This is true for people, and this is most definitely true for hospitality businesses and structures like hotels. A hotel lobby is the first thing that guests see when they enter, and their first impressions can make or break their stay and the hotel’s reputation. Experts say that walking into a hotel lobby is like shaking the hand of someone you just met. More than focusing on guest experience, welcoming your guests in a striking, memorable, yet functional lobby is one of the best ways to make a good impression. The interior design featured in your rooms matters quite a bit, as does the layout of and the elements included in your lobby. Here are some design features you might want to add in you hotel lobby:

Design Must-Haves for Your Hotel Lobby

The best lighting

The lighting in your lobby will serve a few different purposes. The main reason should be for functionality. Install only the best lighting in the lobby for you to ensure your guests can see where they’re going and navigate there safely. Design wise, your lighting in the lobby should be elegant, warm, and unique. This will help in creating a welcoming ambiance and atmosphere, which your guests can surely appreciate. Usually, you’ll want a good mix of decorative and functional lighting, with the ability to transition from day to night.

Wow them with your reception area

If you want to know how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels, this should begin with customer service in style. Hotels need to have an impressive reception area that will serve your guests’ needs—starting from the moment they enter your lobby. Since the reception desk is the first stop for guests who are checking into your establishment, you need to set the right tone as soon as they walk in the door. The desk should be large, functional, and uncluttered; in terms of style, it should be cohesive with the rest of the decor and hotel art you’ve chosen.

Hang  Artworks

More and more hotels from anywhere in the globe have been investing millions in acquiring good art for their guests. There is a growing number of hotels all over the world who compete with the leading art galleries in acquiring art works, that essentially will attract more guests. Some even convert their property to an exhibit, hosting programs that hone the interest of people art—in any of its forms.

The type and style of the artworks you will choose to display should be reflective of your brand and the message you want to send to guests. Keep in mind that artworks are a great way to stimulate the hotel guests’ minds. More than anything, art can make guests feel the connection to the hotel, its people, and other guests. Since art can be viewed through different lenses and perspectives, they can stir conversation as well. Thought-provoking art is a great way to make guests feel something about the artworks, as well as your brand as a hotel—this will make a good first impression.

Your hotel lobby should have a warm and welcoming atmosphere that perfectly captures what you have to offer. And by prioritizing your work with hospitality art consultants, you can make an incredible first impression on your guests.

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