Everything you have to know about Printed Mirrors – Infographic

What are printed mirrors?

Just like what the name implies, printed mirrors are basically mirrors with intricate designs, patterns, shapes, or colors printed directly on glass. It serves the function of being a functional mirror and an art piece that livens up any space in an instant.

Consumers, homeowners, business and company owners who want a customized mirror can resort to this type of decorative piece to have their distinct style and

How are printed mirrors made?

Thanks to the ever-advancing technology we have today, printing on glass can be as easy as printing on paper.

Should you buy printed mirrors? What are the benefits of owning one?

Why settle for plain ordinary glass around your home when you can beautify with custom designs or any idea that you want to be transferred into mirrors? Transporting your ideas and designs onto glass can be both rewarding and inspiring. There are no limits as to what can be achieved with a little imagination. Today’s technology allows this. Printed mirrors can serve as decorative and functional pieces for your home, business, office, or even in healthcare.

Moreover, did you know that mirrors can add an extra decorative touch to a room? In fact, it is a widely known trick for designers and decorators all over the globe. “Mirrors are like art in that the style should coincide with other pieces in your home,” designer Amy Bubier says. Some even consider it a vital part of any design or style, for it aesthetically enhance an interior with the use of stylish frames.

Everything you have to know about Printed Mirrors

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