How Art Consultants Help Your Business Grow

Art consultants can offer enormous value to anyone hoping to improve their business with the use of arts and the benefits it can offer. Art consultants can guide careers and business owners in using art towards their outmost advantage.

There are many benefits art offers to a certain business. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest trends in the market today is Hospitality Art, which enables businesses such as hotels and hospitals gain more because of artworks carefully and strategically picked by art consultants to accent and boost their sales or revenue. This is fast becoming one of the most effective and proven marketing strategy that business people are beginning to realize and utilize.

But, using arts to your advantage is more critical than you think. Everything should be towards your goals and your business’ aspirations. So picking out art ‘just because’ wont cut it. The role of art consultants in making your business develop is crucial, given their knowledge on how things work together to make a statement is necessary.

What exactly are art consultants?

An art consultant is a person who consults individuals or businesses about which pieces of art they should acquire using insights driven from data, with the purpose of improving customer, as well as employee, brand experiences. Aside from that, the goal of the art consultant should go together with the company’s values and mission as well.

Art consultants should be experts not only in art, but in matching an art to a certain business, person and goal and incorporating a piece of art with a company, making one whole story.

Some art consultants work more closely with interior designers, as part of the design team. Since more and more acknowledge that the use of art in business is not only an “accessory”, art consultants are slowly gaining the power in their name and work nature.

Compared to Interior decorators and designers who see art as a decoration and in search for pieces that will match artwork to color schemes or swatches. Art consultants see art more than its aesthetic prowess but goes beyond and treat art as an investment.

So, how do art consultants really help in making your business grow?

Art consultants understand the art world from a marketing standpoint, and they help you use art to develop the full potential of your business through this kind of marketing that many experts are considering one of the most successful and efficient today.

Art consultants play an integral part in how art gets placed in corporate collections as well as in public and private institutions.

Since Hospitality art and Art tourism are continuously evolving as an effective marketing strategy today, acquiring the help of art consultants will make your business’ expenses gain its value for money, and prevent overspending on art as well.

Companies seeking to invest in prestigious art collections as part of their interior decor will find art consultants to be of tremendous use.

Art consultants use their expertise, contacts and knowledge of the market to source existing works of art and commission new pieces according to the specifications of the client.

Artwork Sourcing & Procurement

The first job of an art consultant is to responsibly source and procure artwork. This means that they should be acquiring art that is fairly-sourced and priced. Since the value of artwork is changing rapidly or slowly depending on industry trends, it’s the job of an art consultant to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry to help guide wise investments for the clients they serve.

Also, they should also be always in the know and aware of the wide variety of local and national artists, which allows clients to discover hidden gems and “wow” pieces that have the power to change the energy of any space, which will be beneficial to your business.

Considerations for art procurement will also be guided by a client’s/business’s specific needs. For instance, artwork in hospitals often reference nature-based imagery on the universal experience of the outdoors, while artworks suited for workspaces and offices should boost the productivity of employees.

Brand Alignment

It is the job of art consultants to establish and relay a story to your business’ clients, through the power of art. Whether organizations employ the power of history walls, custom graphics, commissioned artwork, sculptures or thought-provoking abstract art, the decisions art consultants make are always unique to the particular story of the client they’re serving.

Each business should be a reflection of their goals, values and beliefs as well as their identity as a company. Art consultants treat their line of work to enable a company put their best foot forward, through carefully selecting art that demonstrates a level of brand alignment that actually uplifts brand recognition and customer and employee engagement and satisfaction.

Evidence-Based Design (EBD)

The kind art needed in institutions vary depending on the goals of art itself to the advantage of the business. Healthcare settings, educational institutions and an increasingly widening field of industries even including prisons, museums, libraries and more, evidence-based design (EBD) utilizes data and empirical evidence to inform design decisions that positively affect outcomes.

In healthcare, EBD often focuses on images of nature, utilizes blues and greens, and implies growth to positively affect patient outcomes. In schools, EBD can help students stay motivated and focused. A wealth of knowledge and research exists around the subject, and as more becomes known, art consultants become better at driving tangible results that organizations can appreciate.