Artwork to Display Is Important For Your Hotel Business

Knowing Which Artwork to Display Is Important For Your Hotel Business

The days when artworks are hung on hotel walls and rooms for the sake of filler or decoration is long over. Gone are the days when hotels were just a place in a foreign land offering a place for you to lodge, filled with nondescript prints as wallpapers along halls and mass-produced paintings. Today, hotels turn their lobbies, hallways, and suites into gallery-like spaces, displaying famous artwork as part of their décor—hotels are not just hotels, they are transforming into art galleries, where you can spend a night or two.

Hoteliers are thinking even farther outside the frame, installing art in the most unexpected of ways and challenging guests to think more deeply about their experience. Art has become a fundamental, rather than ornamental, element of hotel design. More and more members of the hospitality sector have been actively investing in art to make over their hotel and add to its value, story, identity, and edge compared to the other competitors.

However, owners of hotels could have a hard time choosing and buying artworks for their businesses. Thanks to art consultants, telling their brand’s story through art is easier, as well as choosing the pieces that are relatable to their guests and complementing to their interior in general.

Here are some points to consider that could help you decide better and know more when it comes to buying artworks for your hotel:

Art as your hotel’s identity and brand voice

What story do you want to tell your guests? What kind of hotel are you? More importantly, what kind of people run this place? Your art could be one way of making one-way conversations with the people who will choose to stay in your property. Your goal should not only be one of the hotels with the biggest art collections but be a hotel that tells their story, their brand and their identity through the artworks seen inside it.

A successful hotel doesn’t always have to have the most expensive, most popular and biggest art pieces in the world. Most of the time, it’s about the connection that is felt by the guests through art and how did it make them feel during their stay.

Know what guests like

According to art consultants, pieces that depict nature—be it random illustrations of landscapes or local views are a hit when it comes to hospitality art. This is because art that shows a vast space can magically make a room bigger, and for hotels, it’s everything.

Tricking the guests’ mind that the room is a lot bigger by displaying artworks with nature theme can be very beneficial for hoteliers. At the same time, it can also do wonders for rooms without windows or without views. Nature-themed artworks are also more colorful, making the room more vibrant and alive. At the same time, there are guests who like paintings that depict true-to-life scenarios, events or people. This is one way to create a brand for the industry, especially if the artworks were commissioned by local artists.

Through these artworks, the hotel can transform itself into a gallery or museum where guests can learn a lot about the place. These artworks narrate the identity of the area or hotel itself through the works that depict its traditions and culture.

Hotel owners and art consultants know that abstract art can be beneficial for both the hotel and its guests. According to studies, looking at abstract artworks has positive effects on the brain and body.

When exposed to art, the brain relaxes and releases hormones that calm the body and nerves, making the viewer more comfortable and stress-free. Abstract art is also one of the most popular art themes because it’s generally safe, open for interpretation and can serve as a conversation starter for guests and staff.

There should be a connection

Hotel owners, guests, and other parties should have a connection with the art too. The guests should not be the only one who needs to feel the connection and relate to the artwork, but you as the owner as well. Why did you choose that specific work? Did it make you feel something? Art is not only for the eyes to enjoy but also for your soul to reckon with.

Set your budget and projections

Of course, selecting the artworks is not only the main concern in sourcing art for your hotels. There are other deciding factors such as the budget, space and time frame among others. You will be needing to set your parameters early on so that the options that will be suggested to you by your art consultant is within your range and conditions.

Being an hotelier, you should know your business—how it works and how our investments returned. Just like any property, art is a business of investment. It is important to really think about your decision; whether you are sure of shelling out capital in acquiring art. Of course, investing in art doesn’t mean you have to spend millions to acquire that Michelangelo masterpiece, but then again, your returns are based on your investment at the end of the day

To narrow down your options, consider your budget. While many luxury hotels have been allocating a huge chunk of their budget for acquiring art, some small time or boutique hotels may have lesser options dictated by their budget. It is important to remember that the price of these artworks is not definitive of the impact it will give your brand and your business as well.

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