Hotels that can double as Art Galleries and Museums (Infographic)

Back in the day, most hotels gain a reputation in the industry because of their top-notch service, five- star amenities, and superb location.

Today, as the world experiences numerous shifts and transitions, art is the newest amenity and marketing strategy of the top luxurious hotels all over the world. These top properties could double as museums, given that millions of dollars are spent in acquiring art pieces.

If you are a fan of visiting museums and art galleries during your out of town trip, why not hit two birds with one stone by staying at the world’s most luxurious hotels that can double as museums and art galleries? Here are some of the world’s top-class hotels that boast collections so massive they could double as museums:

Hotels that can double as Art Galleries and Museums

The Hilton Chicago

Art lovers and tourists who will be spending some time in Chicago would be glad to know that they could always check in at The Hilton Chicago. The hotel marries a beautiful unity of history in art, as it retells the story of the American presidents through artworks. It is interesting to know that this hotel has hosted every president from Harry Truman to George W. Bush, which feeds its historical feel and ambiance.

The Kimpton Hotel Born

Nestled in LoDo, Denver’s oldest neighborhood, the Kimpton Hotel Born offers luxury amenities with a modern alpine aesthetic, on top of that, world-class art collections. The hotel boasts of an extensive art collection featuring the work of local artists. In conjunction with the Museum of Contemporary Art, 32 artists created original or limited-edition items commissioned exclusively for the hotel.

21c Museum Hotel Durham

Hotel owners Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson are art lovers, to begin with, and now are proud with over 2,000 pieces of artwork that adorn their hotel. Recognizing the potential of incorporating art into their business, they founded 21c Museum Hotel Durham with the intention of doubling it as an art gallery.

La Colombe D’or

In 1920, La Colombe d’Or began as a café bar and later expanded to an inn of three rooms. With interest in arts, the owner bargained and acquired paintings from artists in exchange of free meals or free stays in the inn. Soon enough, the walls of the hotel were covered by paintings from various artists. The collection is still continuously growing, being the latest installation made by Irish artist Sean Scully for the swimming pool area.

The Dolder Hotel

The Dolder Grand is home to an impressive lineup of more than 100 artworks from big-name artists, including Salvador Dali’s “Femmes métamorphosées, which is considered as one of their most prized possessions. The hotel’s collection also includes Fernando Botero’s “Woman with fruit” and Henry Moore’s “Three-Piece Reclining Figure: Draped.”

Conrad New York

The Conrad Hotel in downtown Manhattan is not only known for its name nor its impeccable service, but also because of the installations by Sol LeWitt hanging in its lobby. Luckily, not only guests can marvel at the sight since the hotel made it open for the spectator public.

Rome Cavalieri

Once in Italy, consider staying at (or visiting) Rome Cavaleri in Rome to marvel at its impressive collection of masters’ paintings, rare tapestries, French period furniture and exquisite sculptures.

Artists featured throughout the hotel span the traditional to the contemporary, including Henri Vollet, Ennio Morlotti, Nicolas Tournier, Andy Warhol and Victor Brauner. Further in the hotel are busts and monuments made of marble and bronze.

One of the selling factors of hospitality art is its ability to combine culture with comfort, marry art and identity, and give hotel’s brands a new face by incorporating two ends of a traveler’s definition of leisure.

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The importance of art consultants to hotel owners

We often hear or read about the importance of art consultants for art collectors and museums, but do hotels need art consultants too? Since the boom of the Hospitality Tourism trend in hotels all over the world, various hotels—from luxury to budget types – have been acquiring the most popular and sought-after art pieces made by world-renowned artists, or commissioning the works of local artists to showcase their history and branding.

Gone are the days when artworks are merely fillers of a blank wall. Today, the hospitality industry has been actively acquiring and collecting different kinds of art as a marketing strategy, a symbol of the brand and a step towards innovation.

Aside from that, art is also one of the newest ways hotels generate higher revenue, as it attracts a new breed of hotel guests. Millenials—or the youth of today who dominate the traveling demographics are known to travel to experience new things, from the walls of their chosen hotels to the outside.  Studies find out that more than comfy rooms and prime locations, “aesthetically pleasing design is clearly something that Millennials want in all environments,” and that includes hotels that house artworks.

Indeed, art is one of the hotel industry’s newest marketing strategies. Hotels with interesting art displays, thought-provoking pieces, and controversial works will always be talked about. But, what is the role of art consultants in this field?

There are two main reasons why hotels need their help: their expertise and their connections. Backed up by their extensive knowledge of art history and its paradigms, they know the art scene best, especially from the hyperlocal to the global market level. Imagine having no idea about art—what’s beneficial for your hotel’s branding and the real value of art pieces, after all, hoteliers can be clueless what to buy and put up in their hotels and not.

Art consultants are people or a business entity that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience in the art arena about the artwork in its various forms and media and the proper placement and acquiring of such art.  Having art consultants guide budding hoteliers or hospitality industry’s household names is greatly beneficial not only in ensuring that business gets the best in the art world at the right price, but also to guarantee that this strategy will work. After all, no matter how great artwork is, if it’s not placed in the right location, guests will never notice it, and the whole art as a marketing strategy fails as a whole.

Having to work with art consultants would be beneficial for hotel owners because they provide guidance in every step of your art collecting journey and endeavor. They could help in decision-making, figuring out the type of art you’re interested in and the type that you need, be it: for aesthetic, decorative, or financial.

Through their connections, art consultants can also give you backstage passes for gallery openings, all-access passes to artists’ studios, and updates on sales and open houses, which can be a beneficial move for your art tourism marketing plan.

Through art consultants, you will always be first to be in the know and updated in the art world. Art consultants are expected to be in the know of upcoming trends and promising artists that would be the next big thing. They usually participate in gallery tours and stay up-to-date with openings. An art consultant or advisor works daily with exhibit organizers and artists to stay current.

It’s much easier to rely on an art consultant to stay informed about new artists and styles, especially if you’re balancing a demanding career with busy personal life.

At the same time, acquiring the services of an art consultant would mean that your style and preferences will always matter, without compromising your hotel’s brand and identity. In fact, they are there to amplify it even more. Art consultants do not adopt a personal style or preference. Their job is to mirror your wants for your art collection. This would ensure that what you like and what you believe in will really translate with the pieces you will acquire.

It is guaranteed that art consultants will always be there to help you. The world of art is intimidating because just like everything else, problems occur. If you have an art consultant by your side, you will not face challenges alone. They can offer fresh perspectives and suggest more solution after all.

In the end, having art consultants for your hotel business would bring nothing but benefits. When you consider a consultant to be your guide, it is all about trust that they are guiding you in the best direction possible. Art consultants will also be marketing specialists for your collection, given their background, their knowledge of your preferences, they will represent you correctly.